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Loch na Craige will be open for Bank fishing only on 29th May 2020.


Loch na Craige 

Tickets for Loch na Craige will be available from Mick Seaton 01887 820722 or 07974 953468.

If possible a days notice would be appreciated.


Loch na Craige


Member. Day Ticket  £10.00

Guest.  Day Ticket  [Accompanied with Member only] £12.50

Boat additional £5 [Life Vests available]

Tickets for Loch na Craige will be available from Mick Seaton 01887 820722 or 07974 953468.

Birks Cottage, Bridge end, PH15 2DF.

If possible a days notice would be appreciated.

Catch & release is encouraged.

Loch na Craige was stocked on 2nd April 2019 with around 130 fish, half Rainbows 2lb and half Blue Trout 1¼lb (great fighting).

Also a few large fish roughly 5-6lb and 1 double figure it would be appreciated if they could be returned if caught to grow on even bigger.

Loch na Craige Re-Stocking June 5th 2017

Loch na Craige Stocking 28/4/17



Loch na Craige First Stocking of the year, some lovely Blues and Rainbows a few 8 pounders others 2lbs plus.

Trout Fishing (Members)

Members have permission to fish the River Tay from East Haugh of Bolfracks to the Cultullich march, SOUTH BANK ONLY. Fly fishing for trout is also available to members on the following River Tay waters.

LEFT BANK (looking downstream), Tombuie, Derculich, Findynate, Pitcastle.

RIGHT BANK; Bolfracks, Aberfeldy Town Water, the lagg, Wester Coshieville, Lower Grandtully, Sketewan, Ballintaggart.


1st   Up until 1st May, Fishing is restricted to FLY FISHING ONLY (i.e. Rod,Fly Reel, Fly line and Fly) and thereafter                     other methods are only permitted on the Town Waters, the upstream limit being defined for this purpose as the Dunolly Rocks.

2nd   Bubble Float Fishing and Minnow Fishing are not permitted at any time.

3rd   No Trout UNDER 12 INCHES to be taken.

4th   Anglers shall not be entitled to sell any fish they may catch on Club Waters or in Competitions.

5th   Anglers must exhibit their permits to Warrant Card Holders, Bailiffs and other Club Members  on demand and, therefore permits should be carried whilst angling.

6th   This permission is not transferable.

7th   Any member found breaking these rules or fishing on other waters without permission and reported to the Club, will be expelled.

8th   Any person infringing on any of the foregoing Conditions shall forfeit their permit and will be prohibited from fishing again on the Club's Waters.

9th   It is the duty of every Club Member to report to the Club secretary any person fishing on the `Club Waters without a permit.

10th   Trout fishing season - 15th March to 6th October inclusive.

11th   All of these fishings are subject to the RIVER TAY CATCHMENT AREA PROTECTION ORDER (under the Freshwater & Salmon Fisheries Act 1976).

12th   Trout anglers should give way to Salmon anglers and visiting guest anglers.


Salmon Fishing [Members]


The Lagg no extra cost Tickets obtained from Girvans of Aberfeldy.

Salmon Catches report to Girvans of Aberfeldy. 


Aberfeldy Town Waters

no extra costs.

 Salmon Catches report to Girvans of Aberfeldy.

Aberfeldy Weather